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What to Know about WGSO

Our membership ranges from novice to master gardeners, from people who are planning a water feature, to those with extensive water gardening experience; we are a community that promotes the benefits and pleasures of an aquatic feature in the garden.  Whether it’s the relaxing sound of a simple fountain, the pleasure of a small container water garden on your patio or balcony, the soothing rhythm of a pondless waterfall, or the magnificent sight of a large Koi pond, we embrace nature and strive to create beauty and tranquility in our own backyards.

Our Mission is to promote interest, appreciation and enjoyment of ponds, plants and wildlife.  Our goals are to advance the aquatic knowledge of its members; to extend this information and awareness to the general public; to encourage and support other societies with similar interests; and to help beautify Oklahoma.

We meet every month throughout the year and invite you to join us at any of our fun and informative meetings!

WGSO Membership Benefits


Your annual $25 membership

entitles your household to participate in:



Why should you join?

  • Imagine having the knowledge and resources to create your own backyard Oasis!
  • Imagine having a group of friends with unlimited knowledge in gardening, landscaping and fish keeping.
  • Now imagine that the group of friends loves to share and help others learn how to master and enjoy the world of Water Gardening.  That’s what we have here at WGSO.